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The Nigerian Community Leaders, which is a very large community in Ontario with 50,000 eligible voters met Ernie Eves Premier of Ontario at the Legislative Building, Committee Room 2, Queen's Park today. The reception was arranged by Mr. Emmanuel Akinwumi and Mr. Ayodeji Alabi with support from leaders of New Democrats (ND), in collaboration with the Premier's office here in Toronto. 48 Leaders of various Nigerian Communities were in attendance including the all Nigerian body, Nigerian Canadian Association (NCA) represented by the President Mr Ahmed R Hamis and other Executive Officers.


Dr Baba J Adamu has always been pro-active in Democracy and promoting International Trade and Democracy throughout the world. He participated in the Canada Trade Mission to Africa with Canadian Minister Pettigrew which was held on November 15 - 26, 2002. Johannesburg, South Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Dakar, Senegal following the G-8 commitment towards Africa. Dr. Baba Jibrin Adamu, a Nigerian -Canadian; and is the CEO of iNetworks Canada, in Toronto, Canada.






Officials of the New Democrats (ND), the newly registered political party in Nigeria (Prof. Isa Odidi, ND Chairman, Dr. Baba J. Adamu ND National Secretary,  which principles, vision as well as its leadership came from among the Nigerian-Canadians in Toronto, specially helped to organize the meeting in the spirit of partnership

The meeting started with a guided tour of the Legislative Building, which was conducted by Mr. Nuresha Ragbir, the Assistant to Mr. Raminder Gill, MPP. It was followed by Luncheon and greetings from Raminder Gill,MPP, Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs.


Mr. Raminder Gill, M.P.P, who represented Ernie Eves, the Ontario Premier and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs at the occasion welcomed the Nigerian leaders and representatives and outlined the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada's (PC) vision based on the principles of a strong economy, strong communities and a clean, healthy environment. He explained the premier's commitment towards working with all levels of government, stakeholders and communities to ensure that decisions on public investment help to improve the economic competitiveness, protect and enhance the environment, build liveable communities and create jobs.


There was an interactive session with a cabinet minister and some caucus members in which the Nigerian Community leaders asked questions related to issues that concern Nigerians in Ontario, and stressed the need to further enhance active cooperation with the various communities, as well as improving trade between Canada and Nigeria. It was widely recognized that the Premier's a experiences will undoubtedly be a great asset as he leads Ontario to a straight success in the coming election.













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