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May 29, 2004 a significant event for Nigerians in Diaspora: -

Nigerians gathered to remember the fatherland in North Carolina, United States with activities lined up for the event was an earlier prayers for Peace & Prosperity in Nigeria in a Mosque, followed by a Church service at King's Park International Church, and an evening Birthday Celebration Dinner (Saturday May 29, 2004), all under the auspices of the New Democrats (ND)

New Democrats (ND) reaching out to all Nigerians in Diaspora -From ND political correspondent Ngozi Emeka from North Carolina, USA


Dr Baba J Adamu has always been pro-active in Democracy and promoting International Trade and Democracy throughout the world. He participated in the Canada Trade Mission to Africa with Canadian Minister Pettigrew which was held on November 15 - 26, 2002. Johannesburg, South Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Dakar, Senegal following the G-8 commitment towards Africa. Dr. Baba Jibrin Adamu, a Nigerian -Canadian; and is the CEO of iNetworks Canada, in Toronto, Canada.



















































































































New Democrats (ND) reaching out to all Nigerians in Diaspora -From ND political correspondent Ngozi Emeka from North Carolina, USA

The event is grand in itself, because it started with prayers at a Mosque at 1:00 PM then followed by another prayers at King's Church at 4:00 PM in North Carolina. The ND executives, and the new ND members took part in the prayers before finally moving in style to the Dinner event, which took place at the 'Governors Club House.


The spectacular element of the event was indeed the Dinner event celebration reserved for the elitist  at the 'Governors Club House' located at Chapel Hill, NC with Traditional attires competing for attention, joy filling the air as delegates from various Nigerian communities in the USA, CANADA and EUROPE lifted up their voices to God, urging him to help Nigeria, and clinking their glasses to a toast to the NEW DEMOCRATS (ND) and to the health of Dr. Isa Odidi, chairman of New Democrats Party who was also marking his birthday.

  "ND's decision at this point to attract visionary aspirants and invite new members is in line with the Party's grand principle, the principle of national renewal and leadership based on a long term strategy.” said the National Chairman, Prof Isa Odidi. "Please find on your table ND's re-affirmation of its commitment to bring new wave of change in the political landscape of Nigeria and empower the people as enshrined in our policies and strategies. Take it, share it with your fellow Nigerians and discuss it with your friends and families at home, and log on to our web site to become a full-pledge ND member" added the chairman


ND Statement of Action:

Ladies and gentlemen. ND wishes to extend warm greetings to all present on this historic day - May 29, a day that marks the dawn of a new era for our country, Nigeria.


Ladies and Gentlemen, there is nothing wrong in drawing from the teachings of the great religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism to mention a few. May we, therefore seek your indulgence to quote from the 1st Corinthians 2:1-4 that states: “When I came to you, brothers, I did not come with eloquence or superior wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God.  I came to you in weakness and fear, and with much trembling. My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on man’s wisdom, but on God’s power”.


As you all know, Nigeria’s existence continues to be plagued by economic, ethnic, social problems, rising levels of poverty and unemployment that have defied pragmatic solutions. Our political experience has been characterized by failed political experiments that are exhausted and proved unworkable except in their desire to perpetuate the status quo.


Over the years the Nigerian economy has been sapped by corruption, economic stagnation and the lack of significant investment in infrastructure and new technologies. Operating from a narrow industrial base, the economy has been unable to spin off economic and social benefits. As a result there is often a feeling of lack of purpose and crime is rising unabated.


The state of our nation, Nigeria, its economy and social fabric is in dire need for a leadership that is purposeful and visionary.


President Olusegun Obasanjo, has embarked on certain economic reforms. But it will take purposeful measures to sustain them and introduce newer essential reform that do not befit the aspirations of the people.


As a political party, we want to reassure you that we have the commitment and the purposefulness to take Nigeria to the next level of prosperity and development.


ND's Vision

The vision is that of a Nigeria that is stable, prosperous and united. A Nigeria that guarantees its citizens equal opportunities enhanced social and economic well being by pursuing effective poverty eradication and self-reliance policies. We envisage a Nigeria built on principles of fairness, tolerance in which everyone feels a part of, and in whose future we all have a stake.


Our objective is to harness the enormous natural resources and human potential of Nigeria through purposeful leadership to achieve prosperity. By so doing, we intend to provide a leadership that is the hallmark of good governance, accountability and prudence, virtues that are often lacking in the discharge of democratic responsibility in Nigeria.


ND's Platform

To facilitate the realization of these principles and to carry Nigeria forward into the new millennium, wewish to formally invite all interested Nigerians to aspire to seek the office under ND's platform. Such aspirants must swear allegiance to ND's grand Principles and they must past vigorous security, fraud and misappropriation screening. Every Nigerian has the right, and is therefore invited to submit his or her intention to aspire under the platform of the New Democrats (ND) Nigeria party.


We believe strongly in the principles encapsulated in our Vision, particularly the passionate assertion that “Nigeria can and must be better”.  Our vision also aligns wholly with the desire that Nigeria remains one united nation, with shared values and purpose, a country strong and sure of itself at home and abroad.


Chosen candidates through our platform MUST intend to work tirelessly to advance ourstated principles and the ND goal of providing Nigeria a different political choice, a choice that is resolute and capable of transforming Nigeria into an economic power.


ND Policy Statement

The primary goal of ND administration will be aimed at achieving stability, security and economic prosperity. Specific policy focus in all sectors such as the economy, health, agriculture, the environment, justice,  education, to mention a few, will embody the collective values and aspirations of all Nigerians. ND administration’s policies will put into best use the prolific genius of all Nigerians from every corner of the nation and from the Diaspora. ND doesnot intend or desire to replace one set of dogmas with another. However, some of the laudable policies and economic programs that have been put in place by this and previous governments will be sustained.


In the area of foreign policy, ND will continue to foster global cooperation in a manner that advances Nigeria’s economic interests and projects her sovereign image as a key player in the League of Nations.



Fellow Nigerians: New Democrats (ND) Party is credible, progressive and truly capable of moving Nigeria forward. We urge you to pledge loyalty to ND’s principles and we assure you all that we will rise to the challenge of any office that we seek.


By the grace of the Almighty, ND shall seize upon this glorious opportunity with your support to implement programs that will transform Nigeria and make her the true Giant of Africa. As the great Mahatma Gandhi once said,  "you must be the change you want to see in the world." We therefore invite you present and all Nigerians at home and in Diaspora to join us as we take the first step together in this noble journey to accomplish positive change for Nigeria.




























































































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