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ICT Today in Nigeria

by Dr Baba j Adamu, Senior Special Assistant on ICT to the Vice President

Federal Republic of Nigeria

July 2013


We are faced with ideas of radical transformation of the ICT sector and its implications for policy, technology, competitive strategy and job creation. The impact of IP-based services, Internet technology, the death of voice (Access to the network is now the basic product, rather than voice), the importance of local solutions in a globalized world, the fragmentation of traditional business and service models into end-user focused, the success of over-the-top (OTT) players in providing services, content and applications and the explosion of data, cloud and smartphones are radically altering the realities of the ICT sector.


Locally relevant content and applications, and local development will drive uptake of services and content to support infrastructure investment. Convergence with vertical sectors such as banking, health, education will drive broadband demand, generate content, transform industry and create jobs. Therefore, local solutions must then adopt global best practices.


We the Policy makers and regulators must be aware that communication is no longer via service providers alone; operators no longer compete with homogenous players but in a diverse market; frameworks imposed on copper-based networks are unsuitable for the realities of fiber and mobile.


We must accelerate process of standardization to enable global functioning on next generation networks and harmonization with new cloud and M2M services, avoid duplication of effort, allow economies of scale and create a level playing field for international trade and investment flow. Convergence standards vital to facilitate cross-sector cooperation


Broadband Demand

Creating and facilitating demand for broadband services and products is vital to increase usage, socio-economic benefits, and sufficient revenue for operators and government to continue investment in infrastructure roll-out. Focusing on supply side and infrastructure alone will not drive broadband to scale.


There is no one size fits all solution to broadband deployment. Business models, funding and appropriate broadband technology vary across developed and emerging markets, rural and urban regions. Specificities of geography, socio-economic status and computer literacy also determine suitable roll-out models, from high-speed cutting-edge networks to issues of basic connectivity and access to power.







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