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  "Quality of life in a big city doesn't get better by accident. It happens because you have good planning, good government and in the case of Toronto, we also need good partnership with the Ontario Government"- John Tory

Thank You For Your Support

I would like to thank everyone who supported me throughout the campaign: the staff for their endless hours of hard work, the volunteers for their selfless dedication, and especially the people of Toronto who showed their support in the best possible way -- by ticking my name on the ballot. I thank you all. Best regards, John Tory


Dr Baba J Adamu has always been pro-active in Democracy and promoting International Trade and Democracy throughout the world. He participated in the Canada Trade Mission to Africa with Canadian Minister Pettigrew which was held on November 15 - 26, 2002. Johannesburg, South Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Dakar, Senegal following the G-8 commitment towards Africa. Dr. Baba Jibrin Adamu, a Nigerian -Canadian; and is the CEO of iNetworks Canada, in Toronto, Canada.



























Perhaps, the biggest breakthrough is the John Tory Phenomena. In an Interview, John Tory said  “With the kind of problems the City of Toronto faces, none of the other candidates are “equipped” to turn this city around. Toronto is a huge organization with a $6.5 billion dollar budget, and we have fallen victims to career politicians where ostensibly progress grinds to a halt where the result is deterioration. I have a reputation as “a man of action” no matter what organization or business environment I’ve had the privilege of being involved with.”



Voters in Canada's most populous province are waking up to a new crop of municipal leaders this morning.


Among the big winners when the ballots were counted Monday night was veteran Toronto city Count David Miller. In his victory speech, the Harvard-educated 44-year-old told supporters he will deliver on his campaign pledge to end corruption and backroom deals.

In the nation's capital, incumbent Mayor Bob Chiarelli was elected to his second term on the strength of a promise to keep taxes low and his chummy relationship with McGuinty.


But his victory was hard-won, after political newcomer Terry Kilrea managed to pick up 37 per cent of Ottawa voters' ballots.

In Hamilton, supporters of the controversial Red Hill Creek highway project were cheering new mayor Larry Di Ianni, who claimed his win as "a yes to the expressway."

  Youth prevailed over experience in Windsor, where 29-year-old Eddie Francis claimed the mayor's chair over veteran Coun. Bill Marra. In Sudbury, David Courtemanche is new mayor, and at age 39, another of the youngest people to occupy the office.
















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