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The Unic Club of Canada organized a dinner party for Prof. Isa Odidi, who is their Patron and a community leader on his newly acquired chieftaincy title - the Sardauna of Zuba.

Dr Baba J Adamu has always been pro-active in Democracy and promoting International Trade and Democracy throughout the world. He participated in the Canada Trade Mission to Africa with Canadian Minister Pettigrew which was held on November 15 - 26, 2002. Johannesburg, South Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Dakar, Senegal following the G-8 commitment towards Africa. Dr. Baba Jibrin Adamu, a Nigerian -Canadian; and is the CEO of iNetworks Canada, in Toronto, Canada.







































The Sardauna Title exemplifies family Values, Leadership and commitment to community Progress and prosperity. The Ahmadu Bello (Sardauna)'s Vision has always been the golden opportunity to salvage and move Nigeria forward (all regions) from the maladies of the past to the future of progress, unity, prosperity and economic development that is sustainable. "Anyone who fosters these qualities and build consensus around them deserves no more less than the SARDAUNA himself" Anyone who listened to this erudite Leader (Gamji - Sarduna of sokoto) would think he is talking to the like of Prof. Isa Odidi.

Little wonder then that, when Prof. Isa Odid came to the podium to deliver a speech at the dinner party, he started like this:" I, first of all pray to God and will continue to do so because without God, we are helpless. My family, and my wife dr. Amina Odidi, whom I owe my life to, who stood by me at all times and who is an inspiration to me.  My friends and well wishers, and indeed, the Unic Club, words cannot describe my appreciation on your support, and I will continue to do all I can to continue to earn your friendship. My words to you today are for you to be united irrespective of differences, to preach against violence, intolerance on the basis of differences because we have a role to play in the well being of our country. Nigeria belongs to you, me and our children and so we must not allow some few differences to shatter our unity. A fragmented Nigeria is not in your or my interest, and neither the interest of our children and grand-children. We must all do out part to unite the people of Nigeria in honour of the Sardauna of Sokoto who died fighting this cause. We must also live exemplinary life, with great family values and find simply solution to ever challenging issues that confront our societies today. This new title only serves to reinforce my full commitment to following the footsteps of The Sardauna of Sokoto himself, whose leadership consists not in degrees of technique but in traits of his character; requiring moral rather than athletic effort, and who imposed on both himself and his followers alike the burden of self-restraint. These are indeed cardinal principles of a great leader and I intend to emulate, and help in anyway that I can to foster those spirits of togetherness, forgiveness and consensus building. May God guide and help us in all our endeavours, God bless you all and may Allah rest The Sardauna of Sokoto [Gamji] 's soul in perfect peace. Amin, and thank you all".

The occasion was grand. People came from all over, from the United States, from Nigeria, Canada and Europe. Also, a rare happening in Nigerian gathering, the occasion started on time, at 6:00 PM prompt, quickly followed by prayers and entertainment by Chief Bisi Adedeyi.  Few highlights of the occasion were, first a speech by the Unic Club President, Mr. Franklin Omoruna and the key note address by Professor Ike Azogu, who flew specially from the United States. There were also representatives from the Government of Canada, a goodwill message from Hon. John tory (MPP) by Ms Megan Harris and of-course all the Executives of the New Democrats (ND - www.ndnigeria.com),  a registered political party in Nigeria and which its Chairman is the celebrant, Prof. Isa Odidi. There was also a speech by Akeem Bello, the Presidential Aspirant 2007 under ND.


  Dr. Idris Dag-Ellams, the erudite surgeon, an astute gentleman profiled the Sardauna of Zuba, capturing his achievements from bringing Biovail into limelight, the multi-million dollar drug company to the forming of his own drug delivery company, IntelliPharmaCeutics -http://www.intellipharmaceutics.net/ , that went public, the first African owned company to go public in Canada. Dr. Idris Dag-Ellams also gave highlights on other achievements received by Prof. Isa odidi, like the Prestigious Harry Jerome Awards in the category of Innovation, and as one of the 50 delegates chosen by President Obasanjo at the National political reform conference (www.nprc-online.org) and who is also a member of the Conference Economic Committee , the Chairman of a registered political party in Nigeria - www.ndnigeria.com  and a Board Member and Executive of the Canadian ICT African development Project. The list went on and on..

The occasion ended with the presentation of gifts and a vote of thanks by Mr. Dennis Ediae
























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