JOHN TORY, the current Mayor of Toronto  since December 1, 2014.

John Tory - he was the Leader of the Ontario PC Party & Leader of the Official Opposition and contested for Premier of Ontario back in 2005. During that time he met with African Canadian Communities in Toronto, August 30, 2005 at Queens Park..

It was Tommy Douglas who once said "My friends watch out for the little fellow with an idea who is fearless to bring all communities under one umbrella and fearless to provide equal level playing field and opportunity for all, where, then followers become leaders and leaders become pioneers".






Dr Baba J Adamu has participated in the Canadian Trade Missions to Africa   - South Africa, Nigeria, and Senegal following the G-8 commitment towards Africa:

He also participated as a team-member of the former Canadian Prime Minister John Turner in the Ukraine Presidential Election with co-operation with the EU, and 2005 National Political Conference (Confab) in Nigeria:



John Tory - contested for Premier of Ontario back in 2005.

The Mayor Bio

When John Tory ran for the Major of Toronto, he was termed “the little fellow” by foes and friends alike despite tons of experiences and records of achievement to his candidacy as a result of many successful years of service as businessman, lawyer, volunteer and community activist, as one time Commissioner of the Canadian Football League and the CEO of ROGERS Cable & Telecommunications company. He was thought of as a little more than a little politician when people see how he lead his campaign and came close to wining the mayoral race. Little did his detractors realize that this “little fellow” is a giant fellow in disguise.  A man of action with great ideas and wisdom. Ideas that will transform Ontario and turn the city of Toronto around, away from leaders that promised and fail to deliver, away from rising crime rate in our communities and deterioration, far away from the inaction, indecision and total lack of leadership. The people of Ontario understood John Tory’s real mission because on March 17, 2005, after winning his second ballot in the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race, Osgoode alumnus John Tory was elected as MPP for the riding of Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey.


 John Tory has always demonstrated strong leadership skills and the ability to bring people together and build consensus, little wonder that he has embarked in consultation with various community at a Round-Table Discussions at different levels to determine real issues, and take necessary steps to address them, while at the same time watching out for the Ontarians at Queens Park. John Tory is putting his conservative principles to work by standing up for the rural way of life and our farmers, fighting wasteful spending, building strong cities and towns, and doing what he says he will do. Most importantly, John Tory is re-igniting the PC Party and is bringing a traditional Ontario Progressive Conservative Party belief that prosperity is the key to protecting vital public services like health care, education, security and access to jobs, information, rights, etc..

One such Round-Table Discussion was the 4th Round Table Discussion with the leaders

and representative of all African Canadian Communities (Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Zimbabwe/South Africa and members of the Caribbean), which took place on August 30, 2005, at Queens Park.


Those who attended the meeting were: Prof Isa Odidi, ND Nigeria, Dr. Baba J. Adamu ND Nigeria, Dr. Yusuf I Jimeta ND Nigeria, Ken Veffers, Mohammed Toloba Zumunta Ghanian Muslim Association (ZGMA), Mohammed Sani ZGMA, Mustapha Raji ZGMA, Amanuel Melles African Canadian Social Dev. Council, Charles Gwira Eldan Data Systems, Fred Poku - Bonso Sankofa Heritage Foundation, David Firang Graduate Student, Anthony Sherwood, Mohammed Banda Graduate Student, Howard Wright Law Office, Jerry King, Gustad Quise, Gary Clement, Lucky Ighodaro ND Nigeria, Jeffrey Squire York University, Delores Lawrence, Francis B. Sam OBSE GYNE Zimbabwe, Kassoum Diamoutene Malian Association, Jacoves Toure Senegalese Association, Sulaiman Oggu Association of Northern Nigeria in Canada, Dr. Ola Kassim NIDO Americas and Gwyn Chapman TV & Media TalkShow in Toronto.


From the Ontario PC Party, there were: Norm Miller, MPP, Blair McCreadie Ontario PC President, Jeff Graham Ontario PC 7th Vice President and many others, including John Tory Team Organizers: Catherine Pringle, Maripe Perez, Executive Assistant to the Leader, Judith Baird Communications.


The theme of the discussion was to find ways to address issues such as: security and violence, health, employment, education and other issues affecting African Canadian in Ontario. Many questions centered on what the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party strategy will be in terms addressing the healthcare issue, the issue of education and more specifically, tuition fess and after school activities for young children. Other issues discussed were that of employment and equal opportunity for African Canadians in Ontario, the issue of high rates of Insurance that new immigrants pay despite having excellent driving record before coming to Canada. The issue of accreditation of foreign certificates, degrees and whether or not the PC intends to introduce a new bill on education. The discussion, by all standard was a fruitful one and the "How do we get what we want with what we have?" question lead John Tory to assure the African Communities that, there are always several different ways to combine the available resources, and the collective mental resources of the African community in solving its problem, “because they are our collective problems and we will find the best and workable solution to them. Whether Healthcare, education, employment or security, it is a bit like quality: it can always be improved, and we will do our very best to address them”.


John Tory understands that the most important aspect of community development is education; it is about encouraging people to share their ideas, work together and speak their minds. It is also about education parents how to take responsibility towards their children. Today, the Ontario PC Party has set out an ambitious action plan to reach out to various African Communities, and encourage them to display the values of hard work, humility and excellence.  


As the Ontario PC Party President, Blair McCreadie said “The people of Ontario voted for change in the last election - as they did back in 1995 when we came to office. And they will again a few years down the road when they see the damage that the Liberals are about to inflict on our province's economy” John Tory’s government will build a better quality of life for every family in Ontario, he will create an equal opportunity for success, to support the most vulnerable, and to devote his energy and experience to seeing the promise of Canada fulfilled in Ontario. Finally an implementation and to-the-minute matrix was proposed in which the essential issues raised and ways to further expand the horizon of the Ontario PC Party within the African Canadian Communities will be formalized through an Executive Committee on behalf of the whole community.


Until now, the African Canadians have always seen the Ontario PC Party as unapproachable, and close and inept to African Canadian issues. The emergence of John Tory as the leader of the Party, and the role he has been playing so far at Queens Park is seeing a sweeping turn around and attraction of new converts. The African Communities are increasingly saying that John Tory is their man come 2007. They are ready to swim with John Tory simply because he is a man of his words, strong and committed, tough yet humble, decisive and visionary, a leader that can unite and build consensus, and the one that can deliver what he promises.




"Where despair and hopelessness exist, those who have the ability to take action have the moral responsibility to take action to help those who live on the bare edge of survival.  And democracy is more than the creed of our country, it is the inborn hope of our humanity, an ideal we must carry, a trust we must bear and pass along. And even after all these years, we have a long way yet to travel, that is why we must all be involved ..."  - Baba J Adamu


"Today, Nigerian ICT sector is at the cross roads. The direction we choose will determine not just our future but also the legacy we leave behind for future generations of knowledge workers in this country, who have the creativity to dream impossible dreams and the determination to translate those dreams into reality"...
- Baba J Adamu

“Given the emergence of new regional dynamics in development policy and practice, Arewa region MUST fine-tune current regional development perspectives and to develop new ones that are not only more in sync with the present and future global context but with the governance systems being currently adopted that are becoming more and more decentralized and grassroots oriented. States Governors within the Arewa region must come together to create and adopt the Arewa Regional Economic Plan with emphasis on a balanced approach to development and opportunity for all diversity irrespective of one’s tribe, social class, religious belief and even political affiliation; and establish targets for economic growth of the entire region taking advantage of our Demographic Shifts, which will fuel the growth of new sectors, markets, and service lines in our communities. The ability of our diversity to build strength and unity is the power that will propel the region and consequently, the Nigerian industry, into new dimensions of performance and inclusive growth. Catalyzing Inclusive Growth Through ICT-enabled solutions in healthcare, education, financial services and public services can drive socio-economic development and inclusion of more than 30 million citizens each year, faster, cheaper and more effectively than traditional models. The economic plan should be built on current regional opportunities, collaboration and innovation linking States macroeconomic models with regional development and economic plan termed: Regional Econometric Model”President ACRD 



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