The domestic threat of violent extremism and radicalization through social media

Interview on Anti-Terrorist Agency in Nigeria

Investment opportunities between Canada & Nigeria 

Terrorism & Insurgency in Nigeria

Citizen Engagement Initiatives

Signing Economic Partnership with EU is apt

How  to tackle corruption in Nigeria

A centralized demographic database in Nigeria






ICT Sector review and prioritization

Demographic shifts will fuel the growth of new sectors, markets, and service lines:  The ability of our diversity to build strength and unity is the power that will propel the organization and consequently, the Nigerian industry, into new dimensions of performance...

National ICT Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan [pdf]

Government has re-focused the ICT sector in a new featured ICT landscape toward job creation...

Presidential ICT Roadmap and Master Plan

In pursuant of the Federal Government to create jobs and develop the ICT sector, a Committee was constituted, which led to the creation of the Ministry of communications and digital economy..

Canada observer mission to ukrainian


Nigeria needs structural and monetary policy reforms to unlock potential according to IMF, Dec 2020

Internal Adjustment

Strategic Sectoral  Investment Priorities

Sambo met VP Joe Biden

Roadmap for The Development of a Centralized Demographic Database

Products (such as passports, ID-cards, certificates, voter lists and statistics)..

Facilitating Knowledge & Community Development through ICT ICT digital revolution can strengthen democracy, increase inter-governmental ...

Centralized Demographic database for Nigeria: The World Governments IT systems are moving toward cloud..

ICT Today in Nigeria: Locally relevant content and applications, and local development will drive uptake of...

Master Plan and Road Map for the Implementation of ICT for National Development, 2010: Government Master plan..

Interview for publication on NITDA magazine: And I quite agree with you that development of any Nation today is largely dependent on its Information...

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Security Overview & Creation of Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) supply network connectivity over a possibly long physical distance. In this respect, VPNs.



Humanitarian Crisis: the IDPs

Girl Child Education

Reforming the Almajiri System

Terrorism & Insurgency in Nigeria

Islam and Terrorism or Islam versus the West Connotation

Interview on Anti-Terrorist Agency in Nigeria

Engage Talent & Strengthen Collaboration and Innovation Networks

Farmers-Herders crises

Social Change Builds Community-Based Responses and Conflict Mapping

Humanity stands at a defining moment in history and the north is at a crossroad

Solutions to northern Nigerian problems

Quality, affordable education, skills development, access and equal opportunities for everyone

Youth banditry & kidnappings, youths’ explosion & drugs, gun crisis and ethnic conflicts in Nigeria

Citizen Engagement Initiative

Engage Talent & Strengthen Collaboration and Innovation Networks

The need to create anti-terrorists agency oF Nigeria (ATAN)

Development of Regional Identity, the Agitation for Restructuring,  Access and Equal Opportunities for Everyone and Citizens Engagement as Conflict Prevention

Nigeria to borrow US$100 billion to finance the budget, already We have the Money If we only look within…Part

Why signing economic partnership agreement (EPA) with European Union is apt

The need for Arewa SMEs to acquire requisite skills to trigger economic development

Citizen Engagement initiative in detail and the reasoning behind it


Effect of Global Terrorism & Boko Haram and other Nigerian ceises: A condensed comprehensive study of the terrorist phenomenon, orchestrated ...

Written below, before 2007


The Promise of Nigeria - Project 2012 NIGERIA

Nigerians truly deserve democracy dividends from the government. But efforts on several key fronts in the past have yet to make their impact felt. [html]

Electoral Reforms & Sustainable Democracy [pdf]

Implementing the Biometric Voting System across the country requires a wide variety of technical procedures - by ensuring the technical solutions, timely maintenance, timely on-going voter registration,

Methods of Tackling Corruption in Nigeria [pdf]

Since corruption emanates from the top, it can be checked by putting honest people in position of authority. This statement, however, begs the obvious question where Nigerians of integrity can be found...

Clean Water Action Plan Strategy (CWAPS) [pdf]

Access to clean water is a key factor in ensuring sustainable ecosystems and healthy communities in all regions in Nigeria. This new approach will help the Government initiatives and commitments toward providing safe drinking water

Easy Ways to Transform Cities in Nigeria  [pdf]

Nigeria must overcome its crisis and continue to grow. First we have to reform the economic system to increase its efficiency and responsiveness. Second we must..



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