Dr BabaJ Adamu Ph.D., Coren Rgt: is the youngest son of Liman Adamu, the late Chief Imam of Kaduna State Central Mosque (for 43years) located at Kano Road, Doka, Anguwan Liman, Kaduna.


Dr. Adamu is an ICT & Security Consultant with the United Nations (UN) Certificate on Global Terrorism. He is currently the President & CEO of iNetworks Canada and Chairman of Arewa Center for Regional Development (ARCD)...Read More>>







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"Terrorist aim is to spread fear throughout the population and to create a climate of insecurity by causing individuals mental anguish or physical injury, or by endangering their lives, properties, freedom and safety.  Today’s terrorism can be attributed neither to the adherents to any single ethnicity, religion, poverty or social class but that a significant number of the more outrageous terrorist acts may be attributed to a small number of terrorists who have an ulterior or a political motive and use religion or other reason as a mere tool to justify their acts; and they are entirely divorced from their enclave: social class, religion, culture or ethnic background who distort it and use it as a convenient cover to try to legitimize their actions in the popular minds. To eradicate terrorism or any protracted social crises within societies, and in the case of Nigeria, it may mean examining the root-cause of discontent, marginalization and engaging with issues of equal access, development, political culture, justice, human rights and community relations as well as the provision of Good Governance, Citizen Engagement and opportunities for employment and self-reliant towards wealth creation for all.


The world's ethnic diversity is not even a static phenomenon. Ethnic groups change through time in complex and dynamic ways through Providence in terms of geographical and re-settlement of people within a location, in the deliberate union of inter-marriages or the case of natural physique of someone and by faith.


"Today, Nigerian ICT sector is at the cross roads. The direction we choose will determine not just our future but also the legacy we leave behind for future generations of knowledge workers in this country, who have the creativity to dream impossible dreams and the determination to translate those dreams into reality"...- Baba J Adamu


Successful countries today, were those whose citizens, at one time or the other, under strong and unselfish leadership, rose above personal, racial or religious differences and worked together to build a viable nation to guarantee the welfare of its citizens in new and improved ways. God created us from a single pair of male and female, into nations, colours, races and tribes so that we may cherish, understand and differentiate one another. In His Mercy, He gives us the diversity to test our capacity for friendship and accentuate the need for unity and self-esteem. The days of ignorance were the days of feuds, racism and falsehood attitude of trying to forget these differences rather than understand them. The founding fathers of our great nation, Nigeria, Sardauna, Awolowo and Zik wrestled with that understanding and concentrated on that which united them and not that which divided them "... Dr. Baba J Adamu


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"Given the emergence of new regional dynamics in development policy and practice, we MUST fine-tune current regional development perspectives and to develop new ones that are not only more in sync with the present and future global context but with the governance systems being currently adopted that are becoming more and more decentralized and grassroots oriented. We should adopt a strategy with emphasis on a balanced approach to development and opportunity for all diversity irrespective of one’s tribe, social class, religious belief and even political affiliation; and establish targets for economic growth of the entire country taking advantage of our Demographic Shifts, which will fuel the growth of new sectors, markets, and service lines in our communities. The ability of our diversity to build strength and unity is the power that will propel the region and consequently, the Nigerian industry, into new dimensions of performance and inclusive growth. Catalyzing Inclusive Growth Through ICT-enabled solutions in healthcare, education, financial services and public services can drive socio-economic development and inclusion of more than 30 million citizens each year, faster, cheaper and more effectively than traditional models. Our economic plan should be built on current regional opportunities and ethnic diversity linking macroeconomic models that brings knowledge, innovation and creativity”Dr. Baba J Adamu

 "Where despair and hopelessness exist, those who have the ability to take action have the moral responsibility to take action to help those who live on the bare edge of survival.  And democracy is more than the creed of our country, it is the inborn hope of our humanity, an ideal we must carry, a trust we must bear and pass along. And even after all these years, we have a long way yet to travel, that is why we must all be involved ..."  - Baba J Adamu

"By providing education, skills training and giving people the tools to lead healthy and productive lives, we can help them lift themselves out of poverty, becoming responsible citizens and learn to avoid the would-be terrorists’ recruiters to invite them. We all have a duty and responsibility toward this noble goal and the country should focus on a collective, community approach instead of individualistic goals"...BJ Adamu


"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add or do, but when there is nothing left to take away…" BJ Adamu



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